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About Us

HousTone Publishing LLC

Since its inception in 1976, in Houston’s Museum District, HousTone Publishing has been a central platform for rural and inner city writers around the world seeking to publish their manuscripts.

HousTone Publishing provides high quality cost effective publishing services that meet and exceed the needs of first time authors. The publishing services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Creative book cover design
  • E-book publishing
  • High quality book printing
  • Small quantity print runs
  • Handling of sales and distribution
  • Required book bar codes
  • Marketing concepts

HousTone Publishing offers many affordable publishing formats including paperback, hardcover, leather bound, electronic and even an iPod App format. Our publishing services ensure a first time author’s book gains the greatest visibility possible to achieve success.

Let us help bring your book to life. We invite you to set up a publishing consultation with one of our experienced publishing consultants. To begin your publishing journey to success and to ensure your book reaches your target market readership and sales goals contact [email protected].

Design Services

The design team at provides creative book cover design services. A design consultant will work with you to ensure your final book cover design reflects the essence of your book and attracts readers.

Marketing Services

Our associates at will work with you to create a personalized marketing plan for your book. A book’s marketing plan includes social media, print media, public relation notices (such as press releases) among other marketing campaigns, to create public awareness for your book and drive sales.

About HousTone Publishing

It is of the utmost importance to HousTone Publishing to ensure that all writers have the best chance to become successful published authors.  Guiding authors to get their manuscripts off their desk, published and into the marketplace is our mission at HousTone Publishing.


To learn more, please contact:
4110 Almeda # 8305
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Phone: 713-866-4006
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Email: [email protected]